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Switzerland - Life Science Industry Analytics Report

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​CPL Life Sciences is a renowned life science staffing organisation with a global footprint specialising in innovative and transformational talent solutions. In January 2021 it fully entered the Swiss market to ensure our client base across the UK, Europe and the US had a complete and market-leading service offering to all our highly valued clients and candidates a seamless talent solution. Part of our service not only includes supplying high quality staff, but in tandem offers added value with comprehensive life-science-centric business intelligence to support decision-making and workforce solutions.

With capital investments in Swiss biotech companies almost tripling over the last few years and R&D investments increasing on trend by circa 10% year-on-year, the Swiss market is one to continually watch. In line with these impressive statistics, the requirement for highly skilled labour has also kept on track with the investment trends with the number of employees in Swiss R&D biotech companies increasing in the last few years by 8%.

Looking at the Swiss life sciences market through the lens of available jobs, we have identified several trends within the Swiss market that will impact hiring and lead the industry to re-thinking some of its priority hiring. The current growth in finding outstanding talent is not coming from the traditional and established pharmaceutical industry, but currently from biotech and contract research organisations (CROs).

Pharma remains by volume the largest recruiter (80% of all vacancies).The sharpest rise in job vacancies was seen, not surprisingly, within biotech in 2020 with annual hiring increasing by 54.9% year-on-year. With CHF 3.4 billion raised by Swiss biotechs in 2020, this hiring trend looks to continue well into 2021 and beyond. Professional recruitment in 2020 at CROs rose by 46.7% and this trend is also forecast to continue.

Looking at specific functions in detail within scientific roles in Switzerland clearly shows that quality assurance (QA) experts have gradually risen since 2019 and are now the most sought-after skilled specialists in the Swiss life sciences sector. R&D has traditionally seen the highest cluster of all roles within the Swiss life sciences market. In 2021 hiring for QA experts accelerated ahead of R&D with new jobs. As a life sciences organisation, if you are looking at one area of your hiring to be the most agile, it is critical this is QA. The competition is ferocious, and the QA candidate journey should be swift and positive at each stage.

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Yvette Cleland - CEO | Cpl UK