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The top 7 benefits of temporary and contract roles

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With temporary and contract openings on the rise, professionals are quickly seeing the benefits they provide. Temp roles often being well-paid, especially for assignments with in-demand administrative or tech skills.

These roles offer greater flexibility, better work/life balance and the opportunity to increase earnings. As more jobs in Europe are being offered on a contract basis, and more professionals are considering themselves to be "career contractors," let’s look at the top seven benefits of temporary and contract roles.

The seven benefits of temporary and contract roles

1. Contractors get higher pay

Independent professional contractors are paid for the time, skills, and value they bring to an organisation. They require little overheads, no training, and hit the ground running.

2. Contractors get exposure and knowledge of different environments

On top of being professionals and specialists in their field, contractors gain the ability to quickly fit into a company and deliver results while also managing key projects.

3. Contracting is more tax efficient

As the Director of an Umbrella company or PLC, a contractor can pay the corporate tax rate on company profits and claim Director salary as a pre-tax expense.

4. Contracting expands your network

Temporary roles give you the opportunity to expand your professional network while adding potential new references to your CV. Temping exposes you to a broader number of employers and colleagues who may be able to introduce you to other great contacts and opportunities.

5. Contractors are in demand

The growing economy is driving up demand for highly skilled talent. Organisations are hiring professional contractors to help on projects they lack the expertise to complete in-house.

6. Contractor roles have a shorter recruitment process

Temporary roles can often be secured over a much shorter period than full-time contracts. The interview process is generally shorter, usually 1-2 interviews.

7. Contractors have independence

Day rate contractors have control over their career path. They can expand their skill sets with new and challenging roles.

With the right skills and attitude, being a professional contractor can be liberating and empowering. The Cpl Accountancy and Finance department is staffed with specialised recruiters who work with contractors on a long-term basis, to ensure they land the best contract roles available. Reach out today to learn more.