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For corporate decision-makers, dismissal — may it be for an individual or for a group — is an extremely difficult decision to make, and for employees, it is a challenging change that has serious emotional implications. To make this process as humane as possible, managers can help and support their employees with a well-structured, thought out service, the caring layoff.


The most important value for any company is the employee

CPL’s consultants trained for the outplacement service provide support to employees throughout the entire process, with each step.

The first step in the program begins with preparing the company’s outplacement team, as we support not only employees but also managers in preparing and planning the program, including communication steps and preparation for the one-on-one conversations.

It is of great importance that we thoroughly prepare before starting the program and have a comprehensive knowledge of the client's company, industry and the short- and long-term professional plans of the colleagues to be laid off.

The methodology and tools developed by Cpl are tailored to the needs of the client, taking into account the expectations of both the managers and the employees to be laid off. We support the process from the initial steps, from communication to the successful placement of the last colleague.


Cpl offers the following program versions:

  • Individual outplacement program – we recommend it primarily at senior expert or management levels

  • Group outplacement program - we recommend it primarily for the downsizing of larger, homogeneous working groups

Elements of the program include among others the following services:

  • a thorough assessment of the employee's abilities,

  • assistance in writing a CV,

  • preparation for a job interview,

  • discussing information about the labour market, job search channels, potential companies,

  • building up a network of contacts

  • planning an individual career path.


The outplacement program was created primarily to provide emotional and professional support to employees who are being laid off, but at the same time, it significantly reduces the negative impact on the organization and shortens the job search time of employees. A company that really values ​​and cares about its employees and thus cares about them, not only increases the commitment of colleagues working for the company but also boosts its market perception in a positive direction – and that is important for all companies to remain competitive.

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