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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Cpl RPO’s solutions support their customers with 20 years of experience, comprehensive market knowledge and a high level of technology to keep them competitive even in a rapidly changing economic environment.

It is very time-consuming and expensive to find the appropriate colleague. In a constantly changing business environment, the company’s executives face a myriad of challenges, so they often don’t get enough resources or focus to find the right colleagues. Cpl's comprehensive RPO solutions help to outsource some or all of the extremely time-consuming recruitment processes, allowing our colleagues to focus on other business challenges.

Outsourcing recruitment processes is not just about recruiting candidates in a timely manner, but also about reviewing and improving the entire process. The RPO service provided by Cpl operates as part of the client’s Human Resources area, whether it is an internal or external recruitment team.

We work closely with the client’s HR experts and business leaders to develop the indicators that are most important from our client’s business success point of view. We develop a comprehensive and complete plan for the development of strategic recruitment processes, and then we continuously monitor and optimize our solution.

CPL RPO takes responsibility for each step of the recruitment process and effectiveness in cooperation with client-side managers or colleagues responsible for project management.

After understanding the client's exact expectations, organizational structure, and corporate culture, our experts tailor the service to the client's needs, including the process, its steps and elements, the sourcing strategy, and the recruitment channels. As part of the process, the Cpl can even perform a background check on candidates, manage the process of issuing a job offer, and can even provide support in the first steps of the candidate.

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RPO solutions

Cpl has nearly 20 years of RPO service experience internationally - be it high-volume recruitment; the ramp-up phase of a newly built SSC or call centre; possibly short or long term, project-based solutions. Due to the flexible nature of the RPO service, the solution is fully tailored to the customer's needs.

Most frequent types:

We support our customers with the best professionals, the most elaborate processes and technological solutions in our flexible, full-process enterprise solutions.


We support our customers with the best specialists, the most developed processes and technological solutions in our flexible and complete enterprise solutions.

Our short- or long-term, project-based RPO solutions are best suited to support the ramp-up phase of companies, or temporary, high-volume recruitment phases. In our RPO solutions, our clients also have the opportunity to partially outsource their recruitment process. Based on our experience, we can provide the greatest support in the extremely time-consuming sourcing activity or pre-screening phase - however, we also have significant expertise in pre-screening or competency assessment of candidates.

In case of occasional temporary resource shortage- which can range in length from one month to several years - our RPO solution is the most suitable, we support the internal team by providing an experienced recruitment and selection expert.


The ”experience” is the key to our RPO service as well.

The candidate and customer experience represent an outstanding place in CPL's strategy, with each of our services and solutions we strive to create a positive experience in both our clients and candidates with our professional attitude and attention to details, thus increasing our commitment to each other.

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