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Regulatory Announcements

All market announcements in relation to Cpl.



Result of AGM23/11/2020
Director/PDMR Shareholding23/11/2020
Conveying of Scheme Meeting23/11/2020
Holding(s) in Company20/11/2020
Holding(s) in Company19/11/2020
Holding(s) in Company18/11/2020
Holding(s) in Company17/11/2020
Holding(s) in Company11/11/2020
Notice of AGM and Posting of Annual Report23/10/2020
Holding(s) in Company08/10/2020
Final Results 202008/09/2020
Trading Update09/07/2020
Holding(s) in Company09/06/2020
Holding(s) in Company01/04/2020
Holding(s) in Company05/03/2020
Holding(s) in Company03/03/2020
Holding(s) in Company02/03/2020
Holding(s) in Company27/02/2020
Holding(s) in Company26/02/2020
Holding(s) in Company25/02/2020
Director / PDMR Shareholding 27/01/2020
Half Yearly Report 23/01/2020
Interim Results Date 08/01/2020
Corporate Broker Appointment 11/12/2019
Result of AGM21/10/2019
Trading Update21/10/2019
Notice of AGM02/10/2019
AGM Proxy02/10/2019
Notice of AGM & Posting of Annual Report27/09/2019
Final Results 201910/09/2019
Holding(s) in Company04/09/2019
Trading Update11/07/2019
Half Yearly Report 24/01/2019
Results of AGM23/10/2018
Board Appointment & Trading Update22/10/2018
Notice of AGM & Posting of Annual Report02/10/2018
Notice of AGM02/10/2018
Director/PDMR Shareholding 17/09/2018
Issue of Equity 14/09/2018
Final Results 201811/09/2018
Holding(s) in Company30/08/2018
Holding(s) in Company21/08/2018
Trading Update & Board Appointment 12/07/2018
Holding(s) in Company27/04/2018
Holding(s) in Company30/01/2018
Director/PDMR Shareholding 29/01/2018
Half Yearly Report25/01/2018
Holding(s) in Company11/01/2018
Interim Results Date20/12/2017
Holding(s) in Company8/12/2017
Holding(s) in Company17/11/2017
Result of Tender Offer26/10/2017
Update on Trading and Capital Returns23/10/2017
Results of AGM and EGM23/10/2017
Tender Offer28/09/2017
Notice of AGM28/09/2017
EGM Circular28/09/2017
Holding(s) in Company27/09/2017
Holding(s) in Company13/09/2017
Final results 201707/09/2017
Holding(s) in Company06/06/2017
Acquisition and Trading Update06/06/2017
Holding(s) in Company04/05/2017
Holding(s) in Company06/04/2017
Holding(s) in Company04/04/2017
Board Update27/03/2017
Director/PDMR Shareholding27/03/2017
Director/PDMR Shareholding01/03/2017
Issue of Equity24/02/2017
Holding in Company10/02/2017
Holding in Company27/01/2017
Half Yearly Report26/01/2017
Trading Update10/01/2017
Holding in Company23/12/2016
Holding in Company09/12/2016
Trading Update24/10/2016
Results of AGM24/10/2016
Holding in Company20/10/2016
Notice of AGM 24th October 201629/09/2016
Notice of AGM and Posting of Annual Report29/09/2016
Results for the Full Year Ended 30 June 201601/09/2016
Holding in Company16/08/2016
Trading Update11/07/2016
Holding(s) in Company11/03/2016
Director Declaration28/01/2016
Half Yearly Report28/01/2016
Interim Results Date06/01/2016
Trading Update20/10/2015
Results of AGM20/10/2015
Holding in Company28/09/2015
Proposed change to Constitutional Documents – 19th Oct 2015 AGM25/09/2015
Notice of AGM 19th October 201525/09/2015
Notice of AGM and Posting of Annual Report25/09/2015
FY 2015 Results03/09/2015
Acquisition of Clinical Professional Limited03/09/2015
Holding in Company10/08/2015
Holding in Company16/07/2015
Trading Update09/07/2015
Holding in Company03/06/2015
Holding in Company02/06/2015
Half Yearly Report29/01/2015
Interim Results Date06/01/2015
Trading Update20/10/2014
Results of AGM20/10/2014
Posting of Annual Report and Notice of AGM26/09/2014
Notice of AGM 20th October 201426/09/2014
FY 2014 Results03/09/2014
Trading Statement11/07/2014
Directors Dealing14/05/2014
Shareholding change04/04/2014
LTIP Awards03/03/2014
Directors Dealings07/02/2014
Half year report 31 Dec 201330/01/2014
Interim Results Date07/01/2014
Holding(s) in company09/12/2013
Holding(s) in company21/11/2013
Trading Statement21/10/2013
Result of AGM21/10/2013
Notice of AGM21/10/2013
Holding(s) in Company14/10/2013
AGM Circular30/09/2013
2013 Final Results05/09/2013
Market News10/07/2013
Resignation of Finance Director25/01/2013
Half Yearly Report24/01/2013
Interim Results Date21/01/2013

Share Fraud Warning

2 October 2017 | Cpl Resources plc (“Cpl” or the “Company”), Ireland’s leading employment services group, is aware that a small number of shareholders have received unsolicited contact concerning their shareholding in Cpl Resources.

The Company believes that these are not bona fide offers for shares and shareholders should be aware that these unsolicited share purchase requests are viewed as suspicious by the Company.

These are typically from overseas brokers but could also position themselves as an Irish investment company, please act with extreme caution. If in any doubt please contact your financial advisor.

You can find more information about these scams from the Central Bank of Ireland here.