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9 Ways To Find A New Job Online

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There was a time when finding a job meant printing out a stack of CVs and knocking on doors. These days the doors have been replaced by email addresses and the CVs are slowly being replaced by online profiles.

The online world has also created a number of new ways to find a job. Let’s take a look at nine of the most effective online job search methods.

1. Search Job Boards

Job board websites like Irish Jobs, Indeed or our own,, offer thousands of jobs every day and sophisticated search functions that allow you to search for roles by location, industry, seniority, salary amongst others. It should be your first stop in your online job search.

2. Follow companies you want to work for on social media

Social media has made it possible for individuals to communicate directly with companies; it has also made it possible for job advertisements to come straight to you. If there are specific companies you would like to work for, follow them on Twitter andLinkedIn, Like them on Facebook and add them to your circles on Google+ and monitor their updates.

3. Follow @JobfairyHQ and job boards on Twitter

Alongside specific companies, you should also follow jobs boards on Twitter as they will tweet out jobs regularly. The @JobFairyHQ account, which curates job ads from across Twitter, is really helpful too.

4. Browse hashtags that recruiters are likely to use

However, you can’t just rely on jobs that come to you. Search social networks like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook using hashtags #jobfairy or #hiring to find even more opportunities. Another good trick is to use your location, #Dublin etc., to capture tweets that don’t include the above phrases.

5. Join groups relevant to the job you want on LinkedIn

Groups on LinkedIn are another great way to learn about job opportunities. While many groups restrict recruiters from sharing job ads within groups, they still provide good networking opportunities.

6. Connect with recruiters on social media

Talking directly to recruiters on social media could boost your job search too. Recruiters regularly share job updates and will be inclined to use their LinkedIn connections to find candidates.

7. ;Build your online profile

Social media, and LinkedIn in particular, also allows you to build an attractive online profile to draw interest from potential recruiters. Add as much relevant information on your LinkedIn profile and make sure you list all relevant links to online resources that demonstrate your skills and expertise. If you can, blog on topics relevant to your industry. It’s a great way to make connections and offers plenty of support for an application.

8. If you are long-term unemployed check out SkillsPlus and Momentum

If you have been unemployed for more than 12 months, government schemes like SkillsPlus and Momentum offer access to training and work placements that could be the leg up you need to get back to work.

9. Ask

The simplest option may be to simply ask companies if they’re hiring and provide a CV. Every company has a contact email address or contact options through social media. We’ve come a long way from dragging boxes of CVs door to door, but that doesn’t mean that asking isn’t a powerful way to find a new job.

Start finding that great new role now. Browse jobs in your industry by using our job search.