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What are the advantages to travelling for work?

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When I speak to accountancy candidates about jobs involving relocation and travel they often ask ‘are there benefits to taking on these roles?’ I decided to speak to a few employers I have worked with and candidates who accepted roles with a lot of travel to outline why they see so much value in travelling with work. This is what they told me.

‘Travelling shows ability to adapt’

A role with travel may require you to work from your desk on Monday and spend Wednesday in New York, working on a new project in a different environment.  Embracing that sort of a challenge shows your employer that you are not fazed by a changing environment and that you are willing to leave your comfort zone if needed.  That adaptability is very desirable to most employers and having that real world experience on your CV is a lot stronger than just writing ‘adaptable’ on your CV.

‘Education and personal development’

Continuous learning is a key factor in developing your career as an accountant.  Taking the opportunity to travel or relocate will allow you to learn from new people and also adapt to new or international accountancy standards that may not be applicable to your role in Ireland. This won’t just expand your skill set; it will make you more employable.

‘It’s a fast track to progression’

For many companies, relocation will come with the added incentive of progression to a new role.  Employers prefer to train their staff in a certain way and encourage them to progress rather than constantly taking on new people. That way they can maximise the employee’s value – this is especially true with employees who travel.

‘See the world for free’

Travel opportunities with work will allow you to see places that you may not have seen before and experience new countries and cultures.  Many employers are also flexible around holidays when travelling and will allow you to schedule in some sightseeing time around your work.

‘Expand your working horizons’

Travelling also offers you the opportunity to improve your stakeholder management and deal with different markets. This is especially important in securing senior appointments. Employers want their top people to have a broad range of communication skills and experiences. Demonstrating that you have experience of reporting in different markets or dealing with different cultures will put you a step ahead when applying for the top roles.  

So if you are asked to consider travelling with your with a new role, or asked to relocate for an opportunity to progress what will you say?

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