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CPD: The importance of professional development

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Over the next 5/10 years it’s predicted that jobs will change considerably. No longer will a career be necessarily for life, but instead we’ll regularly upskill and potentially have multiple careers.

This is why CPD, or Continuing Professional Development, is now more important than ever. Jobs are set to diversify so we need to focus on developing skills and particularly CPD. Incorporating CPD into your work life ensures you’re always learning and current in your career field.

Before attempting to understand how to make the most of the various CPD opportunities available, it is important to understand why CPD is important, why it exists and how you can incorporate it into your job.

Why is CPD important and why does it exist?

Continuing Professional Development is vital if you want to enhance your skills and abilities once you’ve began your career. At this stage you will have already completed your academic qualifications and will want to improve your knowledge in the specific industry and job function you work in.

CPD is important as it helps to ensure further learning is progressed in a structured, practical and relevant way. CPD allows you to focus on what specific skills and knowledge you require over a short-term period to be confident that you are continually building your skill set.

The purpose of CPD

Ireland is reaching full employment levels, which means the job market is more competitive than ever. In an ever-increasing globalised and competitive working world, the importance of Continuing Professional Development cannot be overstated.

The world’s industries are forever evolving, which creates exciting opportunities, but which also comes with challenges. CPD enables you to regularly apply attention to key areas of development and take appropriate action to reduce any shortfalls in knowledge. The benefit also extends to the networks you gain and the skills associated with studying and focusing on new things.

Continuing Professional Development is a way to remain competitive in your work environment and stand out. As more people become professionally qualified with similar qualifications, CPD becomes more important as a means of separating yourself from the pack.

If you have a planned approach to Continuing Professional Development this will allow you to put yourselve in charge of your own career development and work-related ambitions. Overall, embracing CPD will mean you’re more confident, and a more sought after employee.

How to incorporate CPD into your job

The key step to incorporate Continuing Professional Development (CPD) into your job is identifying your own skills gaps relative to your current job and looking ahead at the path you’d like your career to take.

CPD can include a variety of things including: training workshops, attending conferences and events, e-learning programs, webinars, best practice techniques or simply sharing ideas. The common purpose is that all these methods are focused on enabling you to improve and benefit from positive professional development.

CPD is ultimately your responsibility, but your employer should support you. Figure out what you want to learn, then work with your manager to find a method to make it happen.

87 percent of millennials rate “professional or career growth and development opportunities” as important to them in a job. In other words, CPD or Continuing Professional Development is not only vital to staying current but it’s also rewarding and something people now actively seek.

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