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The importance of having well written job descriptions

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A good job description creates value for both the employer and the person looking for a job. While they are especially applicable when recruiting staff, job descriptions have a continuous purpose throughout the employment cycle. This is why it's crucial to get them right.

The benefits of effective well written job descriptions:

Candidate attraction

The basics of a job description is to describe the role and attract interest from the best internal and external candidates. Your job description defines the skills and competencies required to perform the role.

A basis for writing job ads and interview questions

The first step to find the right employee is to know what you need. Performing job analysis and writing a job description will help you to determine exactly what skills, experience, cognitive capabilities and behaviours your new employee needs to have. Once you have determined these specifics, you can use them to write your job ad and interview questions.


A job description should also explain where the job fits within the overall company hierarchy, whether it is a junior entry level position or senior executive role.

Performance management tool

A job description is a valuable reference point for the employee of their responsibilities and required level of performance, especially when a promotion is being determined.

They provide structure

A company's job description provides a structure for the company to form and understand all jobs ensuring necessary duties, responsibilities and activities are covered within an organisation.

New employee orientation

Essential and secondary duties, covered in the job description, will help you decipher between your daily tasks versus long-term projects. Having a full picture when it comes to the job duties, can help you to ensure nothing is left out during the orientation plan for the new employee.

Training and development

A job description will help you identify employee's development needs. Knowing the skills required to perform the job and skills/experience of a new hire, enables you to determine the gaps between the two.

Basis for compensation

A job description enables pay and grading systems to be structured logically and fairly.

Putting in the time now to write an effective job description, will save you time down the line as all expected employee responsibilities and training will be accounted for from the outset.

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