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PA & EA salaries - who's getting paid what

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I am 15 years recruiting within the Office Support and Commercial sector and believe you me I have seen it all from the dizzying heights of the desperate times of the recession when no one was hiring and as for salary you were considered lucky to have one.

Where I saw the first signs of improvement was 2011. There was a slow and steady increase in EA and PA roles and in salaries.

2017 was where I saw Office Support salaries take a jump and it is now clearly a candidate market. Brexit has brought a little uncertainty but I really believe the Office and Admin sector will remain buoyant and continue to grow regardless of the outcome.

Over the past 18 months, we have seen a lot of the salaries within the Office and Admin space increase within every industry sector.

There has been a surge in the number of permanent opportunities available to candidates in the current marketplace compared to previous years where temporary opportunities were most prevalent.

What Office Support and Admin Support Jobs are in Demand?

Qualified and experienced administration candidates have a lot more choice and if interviewing is usually in a min of 2-3 processes depending on the role.

Where we are seeing the greatest candidate shortage is within the €25k-€35k (mid-level) range. In demand candidates include:

The Executive PA sector has changed, and salaries have definitely increased. It has become rare to place a Senior EA to CEO for €40k-€45k. However, the “dish has run away with the spoon” a bit where some candidates who won’t get out of bed for less than €60k.

These higher paid Senior EA level roles do come up from time to time but that type of role isn’t your typical 9-5:30 position.

These roles are full on and demanding and can be almost like a 24/7 type role. For this type of salary, it’s high commitment and being contactable and available at all times is part of that.

The roles within all the law and finance firms have remained constant with a steady increase in opportunities in the last couple of years. Benefits are a big attraction when us Recruiters are “selling” the role to the candidate. Holidays, pension, healthcare are the major ones.

Sometimes it’s not all about salary. Some of our candidates have taken a drop back in salary to avoid burnout and get a better work-life balance. For example, it would be common for someone to come to me looking to reduce their commute. If they are looking for a closer to home lower stress role they will sacrifice other elements.

PA & EA Salaries in Ireland in 2019

It is challenging to put a figure on PA and EA salaries as it’s all dependant on the role, the company, level of responsibility, who the PA will be supporting i.e. C-level, location etc.

  • A good solid base salary for a PA/EA is circa 40k
  • Junior and mid-level €30k-40k

The average salary now for a general commercial type of client falls between the 40k-50k mark. Anything above 50k we are usually talking to MD or C-suite level.

Another trend we’re noticing is the increasing desire to work from home. We are now in an age of digital and online where working from home is becoming not only a lot more popular but possible too.

Candidates are looking for more flexible working arrangements to again increase their work-life balance and clients are willing to offer this if it suits their business requirements.

In essence, salaries in the Office Support sector are on the rise but it’s all choosing the right package for your individual needs. We understand the difficulty in negotiating a pay rise and knowing your market value.

Looking for a new PA or EA role?

The Cpl Office Support will be at the Executive PA Forum for 2 days and any of our Recruiters would be more than happy to have a confidential conversation to advise and point you in the right direction.

If you can’t make it to the PA Forum please get in touch and we can arrange a call or appointment in the Cpl HQ –