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What's trending at work? 4 trends employers should know

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Earlier this year we conducted a survey with hiring managers and professionals on workplace trends and hiring trends across Ireland.

Looking at the key trends together, they lean towards an increased focus on work-life balance and the need for meaningful work.

Employees, now and into the future, need meaning in their work, to gain satisfaction from their role, to feel a part of the culture of the company they are working for and a general work-life balance.

Combine these 4 trends in your business and you should have happy and engaged employees.

1. Mental health support leading the way in wellness at work

According to 60% of employers, mental health support is the most common wellness initiative provided by companies. Common initiatives now in place in Irish workplaces include:

  • Stress workshops
  • Counseling
  • An employee assistance programme (EAP)

This is a welcome trend considering Ireland has one of the highest incidents of mental health problems in Europe, with 18.5% of the population reporting a mental health disorder according to an OECD report from 2018, while stress levels are also on the rise.

Wellness programs have boomed in recent times and range from the mental health initiatives mentioned above to gym memberships, full catering and fitness coaching.

Although the evidence relating to the benefits of wellness programs are contradictory, over 80% of respondents in our recent Cpl Insights survey believe wellness initiatives boost productivity.If you'd like any more information or advice on wellness at work contact our wellness specialist Elysia Hegarty.

2. Sustainability policies are now expected in the workplace

Recent evidence shows that Ireland's biodiversity capital is dwindling while our temperatures have increased by about 0.8�C since 1900.

An awareness of the environment and the need to look after our natural resources is now an imperative for employees and businesses. This is something Irish businesses are noticing and embracing with 49.14% of companies now having a sustainability program in place.

Popular initiatives include:

  • Green committees (31%)
  • Paperless offices (30.26%)
  • Choosing sustainable suppliers (25.13%

Customers, clients, and employees now expect transparency and integrity from companies, meaning those failing to put initiatives in place will lose out. Sustainability programs are not only the right thing to do but can also enhance a company's reputation and employees happiness.

3. Conflicting communication is the main barrier between the generations

Millennials, Gen X and Baby Boomers are now working side by side, with Gen Z quickly joining the ranks. The world of work has changed dramatically over the past 10 years, and how we work and communicate is evolving rapidly.

As more tech native generations join the workplace, communication issues (43.53%) seem to be the main cause of concern, closely followed by differing values (28.45%) according to employers surveyed.

Although these concerns may be warranted it's important that we don't give in to generational stereotypes. Instead, focus on the differences that exist between people (not just generations) across communication styles, technical abilities and managerial expectations.

Speak to your employees, understand their expectations and values, have clear business values of your own, and barriers should subside.

4. The demand for a healthy work/life balance is strengthening

Over one-fifth of employers surveyed (24.57%) cited a good work/life balance, such as flexible work options (47.13% of organisations surveyed), as the main reason why employees stay at a company followed by a good company culture.

These non-monetary benefits contrast with our latest employee survey in which respondents said they would value salary (56.71%) over flexibility.

Prepare your workplace for the future of work

With employment levels at their highest in years, a mixture of the two will now be needed to attract top talent and retain your best staff.

Working from home, 4-day weeks and remote working are all rising trends in this area. If you're unsure how to incorporate these practices into your workplace get in touch with one of our Future of Work specialists.

If you'd like to learn more about any of these trends you can download the Cpl Insights Employment Monitor report in full for free.