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Ireland's Booming Multilingual Industry

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The demand for multilingual professionals in Ireland is growing, especially in many high-tech multinational companies.

We are proud to say that Ireland is now a major European Digital Hub with a vast amount of global companies setting up their operations in Dublin, Cork and Galway.

The low tax rate for companies and the highly educated work force has helped Ireland become the European headquarters for the world’s top companies like Amazon, Twitter, Google, Facebook, Dropbox, Oracle, Salesforce, Hubspot and more.

As these businesses have interests in the international market, they are investing heavily in recruitment strategies to hire multilingual talent to support high demands in a number of international markets. This has significantly affected the Irish labour market.

These companies are constantly looking for multilingual talent to cover all kinds of positions, from junior to senior roles, from Social Media to Pharma, from Customer Service to Finance.

In my experience, more and more professionals are now travelling across Europe to improve their careers and use their native language as a desired skill here in Ireland.

The Central Bank of Ireland has forecasted an unemployment rate of 4.9% for 2019, which means we’re quickly approaching full employment.

Furthermore, the Cpl 2019 Salary Guide showed there have been year-on-year wage increases for the past five years and that there is a need for multilingual candidates in a diverse range of industries, from high-tech companies to the education sector.

So, if you are thinking of relocating to Ireland and are looking to start or strengthen your career, this is your chance.

Language Jobs Trends 2019

In my experience as a sourcing specialist for Cpl Language Jobs, these are the most in demand Language jobs in 2019:

  • Senior Support Analyst
  • Renewal Sales Representative
  • Customer Success Support

While English remains the global business language, multinationals need professionals who can communicate with their clients in their own language too.

The most in-demand Languages in 2019 are:

  • German
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Russian
  • Nordic

The benefits and conditions of working at these multinationals are significant. Moreover, having offices worldwide provides their employees with the opportunity to extend their international experience.

The following years promise a growing need for multilingual speakers, and we expect to have an increase in the number of open roles in the near future.

Do you speak a second language? If you do, then Ireland might have an excellent career waiting for you. Get in touch to see what options are available.