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Find a job with language skills in Ireland with the help of Cpl Global Talent.

About Cpl Global Talent Language Recruitment

Multilingual sourcing specialists with over 15 years of experience recruiting language job candidates.

Cpl's Global Talent team works with multiple industries and languages. Our recruiters have a deep cultural understanding of our candidates and clients.

Recruiting across 52 different languages including German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Turkish and Arabic, among many others for both temporary and permanent multilingual jobs in Ireland and internationally.

Our passionate language recruitment team of 30 people from across the world encompasses over 20 nationalities and 21 different spoken languages. Technology and collaboration with our Cpl teams in the UK and Europe have enabled us to work across national barriers.

Bruno Ribeiro Manager at Cpl Language Jobs

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Claudia Ciocca
Dali Lee
Bruno Ribeiro
Neva Klarić
Oliver Coleman
Torben Jensen
Kristel Ticzon
Gabriel Mamaradlo
Laura Molina
  • ​Fatima is highly professional and very kind. Without her reliable and friendly help, it would have been way more difficult. I am grateful to have had the luck of getting her to prepare me!

    Nelli Bader

    German Trust & Safety Associate
  • ​Best recruiter. No doubt about it! Fatima helped me to find the right position at the right time in the right company. I have been followed from the start by introducing myself, explaining my professional experience and what I would like to do. I got the best preparation for my interviews and Fatima will never let you down if you have any questions.

    Thomas Bodereau

    French Trust & Safety Associate
  • ​Fatima is nothing but amazing. I really enjoyed my interactions with her, she is both professional and friendly at the same time. Highly recommended, she can definitely be an awesome colleague and a good friend!

    Chanelle Xiu

    Chinese Fraud Investigation Specialist