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Helping Immigrants Find Work in Ireland: Jessica's Story

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​Over the past 11 years Cpl have partnered with the EPIC programme to help people from Immigrant Communities prepare for job interviews and find jobs here in Ireland. Claudia Ciocca, Director of Cpl Language Jobs, recently sat down with Jessica who moved to El Salvador to Ireland, participated in the EPIC program and is now a Community Operations Team Leader here in Ireland.

Claudia and Jessica talk about finding work in Ireland as an immigrant, how Cpl Language Jobs helped Jessica and the experience of moving to Ireland.

Claudia leads Cpl’s Language Jobs team who are a large, international team of talented recruiters, coming from an array of cultural backgrounds. Our multilingual team knows what it's like to move to a new country and is ready to help others find a new job opportunity and utilise their language skills in Ireland.

For more information visit Cpl Language Jobs or get in touch – the team are always on the lookout for candidates that speak German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, French, Turkish, Arabic, among many others, for both temporary and permanent multilingual jobs.

You can also read Marina’s story about finding work as a legal assistant here in Cpl through the EPIC programme.

Prefer reading? You can read the transcript of this video below.

Claudia 0:06

My name is Claudia and I'm a Cpl, Director of language jobs. So, we're a team of 30 consultants that work across 52 languages. At Cpl, we are very proud of giving back to the community and as a part of our CSR initiatives, we support the EPIC program.

The EPIC program is a six-week government funded course that helps immigrants to find their first job or to progress their career in Ireland. Cpl consultants help on the final stage of this course, where we provide career advice, and the mock interview to put into practice all that these people have learned in the six weeks of the course.

Today, we're here, respecting social distancing, to tell you a very successful story, the story of Jessica Vegas. Welcome, Jessica. Thank you for coming.

Jessica 0:53

Thanks for having me Claudia. I'm really excited to share my story today. My experience with EPIC was amazing because it was useful for me, it helped me to to feel comfortable during the interview, how to prepare and how to show all my skilld in an interview.


What does it mean to you to have a job finally, to be able to start your career? Now I feel successful. I thought that I couldn't restart my career in this country, mostly after a while, one year and I feel really happy and motivated. How did you find the transition from El Salvador to Ireland?


It was easy for me because I can bring my family, but the most difficult part for me was the language because when I came here, I didn't speak English very well. Now I'm still learning every day and I feel better, I feel comfortable when I speak. Or when I want to show my ideas. I'm able to have a good communication.

Claudia 2:08

Would you recommend Cpl to others?

Jessica 2:11

Yeah, I really recommend Cpl because even with EPIC or just through Cpl. They offer a lot of help for immigrants or people starting to look for a job and they offer a good support as well to be confident during an interview or to prepare.

Claudia 2:40

Thank you for your time today Jessica, thank you for sharing your story. We know it's been a pleasure to have you and I wish you all the best in your career going forward. Thank you very much for all your support. I feel really happy.

If you're looking to start your career in Ireland. Send us your CV at [email protected] Best of luck.