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Cpl's Top 5 Audio Blogs 2020

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Earlier this year we launched our first podcast with Siobhan O’Shea and a series of brilliant guests. A second series was on the horizon, and then Covid-19 hit.

As we moved to remote working audio content became a new way to stay connected, have real, meaningful conversations with our clients and share experiences and tips. In this list we’ve gathered our 5 most listened to pieces of audio content from 2020. Have you listened to them all?

1. How Covid-19 Impacted the Legal Sector – Interview with John Hogan, Co-Founder of Leman Solicitors

In July of this year, Cpl’s head of legal recruitment Ryan Murtagh began a series of audio interviews with some of Ireland’s top legal professionals.

In this first of these interviews, Ryan spoke to John Hogan, Co-founder of Leman Solicitors about how Leman have adapted to remote working, legal job opportunities during a post-Covid and ways to keep up a good company culture from home.

Listen back to Ryan and John’s interview.

2. International Men's Day – Celebrating Positive Male Role Models

Every year in Cpl we like to celebrate International Men’s Day and International Women’s Day to highlight positive role models and inspire others.

This year our Marketing Executive Louise chatted to a selection of men and women across the Cpl Group about their male role models, how they’ve influenced them and some really heart-warming words of advice and wisdom.

Listen back to Men’s Day audio blog

3. Graduating in a Pandemic: Interview with Ritchie Hogan

People aged 18 to 29 years of age have reported significantly greater mental health issues during the pandemic with loneliness and isolation impacting young people across Ireland. It has also been a particularly stressful time for young people and new graduates looking for job opportunities.

In this audio interview, Cpl’s Head of Retail & Sales Recruitment Ritchie Hogan answer some common graduate job search FAQs and gives some great tips on interview prep and standing out on LinkedIn.

Listen back to graduating in a pandemic interview

4. Gender Gaps at Leadership Level: Interview with Dechert’s Managing Partner Carol Widger

In this insightful interview, Ryan Murtagh spoke to Dechert’s Managing Partner Carol Widger about being a female leader in a male-dominated industry. Topics include the lack of gender balance in the industry, the importance of female role models and the need for senior-level women in the Legal sector.

Listen back to Carol Widger interview

5. Leading out of Chaos with Affi Khan

Affi is the CEO of Cpl UK and a passionate specialist in the area of VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity).

In this great interview with Cpl Director Graham Burns, Graham and Affi speak about VUCA leadership and frameworks that can help lead businesses through chaos and uncertainty. A great listen for any business leaders or managers.

Listen back to Leading out of Chaos

If you’d like to listen to more audio content you can listen back to the first season of Cpl’s Podcast ‘Engaging Talent’ on Spotify or via our website. Thank you to all who took part in audio content throughout 2020 and to Louise Meehan for editing and producing. Looking forward to sharing more insights with you in 2021. ​