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Case Study: Strategic Wellness Programme Boosts Productivity by 20%

Multicultural Group of Contractors

What We Did

The rationale for this programme was to address a specific problem, gather feedback on the existing wellness programme and design a strategy that addressed internal challenges.

The purpose of the strategic wellness programme was to address increased absences amongst teams and to improve productivity markers. The client demographic was multi-cultural employees within the 20-40 age group.

How We Did It

We took a root cause approach using our diagnostic tool and a series of focus groups to identify 4 key areas that were contributing to increased stress. This was broken out further into teams to identify further challenges.

It was found that the main areas of concern for employees were conflict on the team contributing to increased stress, frequently worrying about personal finances and lack of time to move. These were all contributing to increased stress and unwellness across teams.

Our approach looked at supporting the teams by providing conflict resolution and inclusiveness training to team leaders and employees, budgeting and financial wellness seminars and 1-1 financial clinics. We implemented a campaign with key stakeholders to encourage the teams to move more throughout the day. This also included discounted exercise and yoga classes and an anti-stigma campaign along with other mental health solutions to support mental wellness throughout the teams.

The approach also increased engagement using key wellness champions.


A one-year wellness strategy complete with an implementation plan, communication plan, and for the company to embed. ​Analysis of the intervention saw a 10% decrease in health-related absences and a 20% increase in productivity. Employees rated the wellness programme higher than before, engaged in it more, and recommended it to others.

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