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Not Getting Responses from Recruiters? Here’s Why


We have all been in this position, you apply for jobs and don’t hear anything back. It’s really frustrating and disheartening, especially when you have put time and effort into your application and it’s a position you are really interested in.

Here are a few reasons why you may not be hearing back from recruiters and recommendations on how to manage this going forward.

Why do some recruiters not respond?

  1. You don’t meet the requirements of the Job Spec

On average, 50% of job applications fail to meet the basic qualifications. It’s important to read the job spec thoroughly and think about your own skills, do you meet the specified requirements?

Examples of this include specific qualifications, number of years of experience, or the IT necessities required for the position. If you are ever interested in a role and are unsure if you are suitable or not, please reach out to the recruiter for a chat.

Recruiters will be more than happy to help you and give you some advice! In a situation where you don’t meet the requirements, recruiters can give you tips on how to upskill in certain areas that might be lacking on your CV, or help you find a more suitable position.

  1. Salary/benefits expectations are too unrealistic.

Know your worth, but also be realistic regarding what salary you want when discussing opportunities with recruiters. Don’t get me wrong, we all want the best benefits package we can get but it’s important to be realistic so you are not closing the door on opportunities.

It’s best to have an open chat with your recruiter about the market and where you stand. Recruiters will always strive to get you the best possible package that reflects your experience and what you deserve! Our Cpl Salary Guide has lots of helpful information too.

  1. You’re not customising your CV for the job.

In today’s tough job market, it’s recommended to edit your CV to align with each job you apply for. It doesn’t have to be big changes, even a few tweaks to highlight the relevant areas you have experience in will help.

This, not only helps you make it through the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) but also shows the employer you are really interested in the job and are willing to put in the work to prove it.

  1. Limiting yourself to permanent opportunities.

Everyone’s circumstances differ and I know that sometimes mortgages and the lack of security around contract positions can be important, but this could be why you are not hearing back from recruiters.

In the current market, we are seeing a high demand for contract positions above permanent positions. If you are in the position to take on a contract role it can be beneficial for your career. For instance, you could try a different sector and step out of your comfort zone. If the contract runs its course and it’s time to look for a new job, you may have gained skills in different areas of your role or have gained knowledge in a new industry.

In turn, this could open a lot more permanent opportunities for you in the long run. More times than not, fixed-term contracts tend to extend or convert to a permanent contract too, so it is great to be open-minded if you can.

  1. The roles you are applying for are not consistent.

Applying for numerous jobs that are not in the same area doesn’t look great. A recruiter wants to see you’re committed and passionate.

For example, if you are an HR Administrator but have also applied to Marketing Coordinator and Healthcare Assistant roles, it gives the impression that you don’t really know what you want yet.

This might lead a recruiter to feel less confident representing you to clients and sending Your CV to Hiring Managers.

  1. There is simply not enough time.

One job post can receive hundreds of applications and sometimes there just isn’t enough time to respond to everyone. I appreciate this can be frustrating, especially when you really want the position.

In situations where you are confident you have the correct skillsets for the role, reach out to the recruiter via phone or email with your CV and introduce yourself. This will increase the chances of your CV getting reviewed and forming a relationship with the recruiter.

You can then have a confidential chat about what you are looking for in a new position and the recruiter will also keep you in mind for other opportunities and work with you to help you find your dream role.

If you are looking for a new role or you need a little guidance on what step to take next, reach out to a recruiter or register your CV with us, you can only benefit from it.

Leanne Davis is a recruitment consultant specialising in HR roles, if you are interested in a job within the HR sector get in touch.