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Supply Chain - the most in-demand jobs

The most in-demand jobs in Ireland's supply chain industry

​Most in-demand job: Supply Chain Manager

Salary range: €75,000 to €90,000

What qualifications and experience are employers seeking in supply chain managers?

Employers are looking for skilled professionals with an end-to-end supply chain background, planning expertise and familiarity in a Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) environment. Candidates who possess exceptional proficiency in SAP software and Excel spreadsheet functions will stand-out from others.

What kind of benefits can supply chain manager candidates expect to receive?

Supply chain managers can expect benefits such as medical insurance, annual bonuses, and employer pension plans.

What flexible or hybrid working arrangements are being offered to supply chain manager candidates?

The new ‘normal’ for supply chain managers is a hybrid work arrangement, with three days on-site and two at home. With this shift in preferred working conditions, employers who ask for five full days of work are missing out and cutting their candidate pool by up to 75%. Flexible or hybrid arrangements can help them access the broadest range of top talent while also providing attractive benefits to job seekers.


The demand for supply chain managers in Ireland is growing, and employers are seeking skilled professionals with a solid foundation of experience and qualifications. Employers are offering flexible working arrangements and impressive benefits packages for candidates that meet their requirements.

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