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​Welcome to the Cpl Finance & Accountancy blog series, a number of articles highlighting a different aspect of the services we offer. Throughout this blog series, we hope to widen your perspective on market trends, and the benefits of temporary and contract jobs.

Accountancy and Finance experts

Our Accountancy and Finance team offers a wide range of expertise. We have in-depth knowledge of accounting and financial market trends, career progression opportunities, and can assist both clients and candidates in various roles within this field, including accounting, payroll, and finance administration.

We have a dedicated team specialising in temporary and contract positions. We understand that many individuals hold misconceptions about the impact of such roles on their professional careers. It is important to address these concerns and clarify that temporary and contracting positions can provide unique opportunities for candidates to work in their preferred industries, roles, or companies. By embracing these temporary and contract roles, candidates have the chance to expand their expertise and knowledge within their chosen career paths.

What is temporary work?

Temporary work serves as a solution for people seeking immediate employment in a specific role. While some temporary positions have a fixed duration, many clients are open to contingent workers joining their company indefinitely. Although some candidates may have concerns about roles with a predetermined end date, it's worth noting that many clients extend contracts into rolling arrangements, allowing candidates to continue working as long as they desire . To illustrate, we recently placed a candidate in an accounts receivable role initially stated for six months. It’s now been a year since their placement, and they are still happily employed in the same position.

What is contract work?

Contract work involves establishing your own limited company and providing your services to companies on a daily rate. It can be a financially rewarding avenue, but establishing a presence without connections can be challenging. At Cpl, not only do we have great relationships with Heads of Finance in countless companies, but we also have systems in place to assist contract workers in seamlessly transitioning into new roles. Find out more about contracting with Cpl on our Professional Contracting Hub.

​The top 7 benefits of temporary and contract roles

As more jobs in Europe are being offered on a contract basis, we explore the top seven benefits of temporary and contract roles.

Temporary and contract opportunities in Ireland’s accountancy sector

Recent research conducted by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants revealed that a staggering 78% of accounting firms in Ireland plan to increase their utilisation of contract workers and contractors in the foreseeable future. With this in mind, we take a closer look at the current temporary and contract opportunities in Ireland's accountancy sector and what this means for professionals in this industry.