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Living and working in Galway


Daryl Buggle - Director, Cpl Galway

​Daryl Buggle is the Director of Cpl’s Galway Division. The Galway branch provides talent solutions to the West of Ireland region across key employment sectors including science, engineering, technology, shared services, and onsite HR services.

Daryl holds a Degree in Human Resource Management and is also a member of the CIPD. With over 10 years’ experience in the recruitment and talent management sector, Daryl has delivered recruitment campaigns, executive search assignments, and niche projects across the Public and Private sectors.

Daryl Buggle - Director, Cpl Galway

Living and working in Galway

Galway provides a unique working environment and way of life not found elsewhere in Ireland. From the bustling city centre to laidback rural villages, prospective employees have their choice of locales in and around Galway city. A wide range of cultural experiences and a wealth of career opportunities, especially in the technology sector, have seen Galway materialise as a destination city for job seekers.

The gradual lift of COVID-19 restrictions in 2022 saw increased jobs move from fully remote to hybrid or in-office models. This development allows job seekers to explore career options, including relocation to cities and regions with the cultural depth found in Galway. Read on to learn more about the benefits of working in Galway, the prospects of the Galway job market and the vibrant, diverse life in this city.

The Shifting Galway Talent Market

​The pandemic radically changed the way companies hire and seek out candidates. Organisations provided fully remote working options, which created a much wider pool of candidates and increased the competition to acquire them.

But around mid-2022, these employers started moving to hybrid work models. Beginning a slow and partial return to the office in Galway and the West of Ireland. Many of the roles available in late 2022 were, and continue to be, on a hybrid working arrangement.

The hybrid working model provides many benefits for employees and the company, including increased productivity and reduced costs. Being present in the office allows employees to engage with co-workers and build better working relationships. Having time in the office leads to deeper cultural engagement and employee experience, which can manifest in improved retention rates.

Relocating to Galway, or the city where your new company is located means exploring and getting to know the city where your co-workers live and developing shared experiences.

Working in Galway: Opportunities and Advancement

People looking to work in and around Galway can expect a candidate-driven market. And abundant opportunities to build a career that provides advancement, growth, and the chance to be a part of rapidly growing sectors. Although some economic headwinds are at play that may challenge growth, most employers expect to continue to hire and create new opportunities throughout 2023 and beyond.

The remote working boom in 2021 and 2022 has increased salary expectations in Galway as organisations were able to pull talent from further afield than they were previously able. Many large technology companies in Dublin fueled this.

Their pull had a snowball effect on other industries and locations, further driving up salary expectations. We anticipate that in 2023 salary expectations will stabilise across Ireland and the market in general.

With the ripe talent available, Galway and the West of Ireland are also attractive areas for enterprises and companies looking to hire or scale up in 2023. A vibrant third-level sector, led by the University of Galway and Atlantic Technological University, combines with deep experience across sectors including Engineering, Technology and Commerce.

Galway and the West of Ireland are primed with an ecosystem of talent that produces and will continue to develop top-level candidates to compete in the rapidly changing global environment. Candidates that relocate to Galway can be a part of that talent and growth of the city's business infrastructure.

Living in Western Ireland: Why move to Galway?

When considering job opportunities in Galway or Dublin, the first question people ask is, 'which is better?' While Dublin may be a larger city, Galway and the West of Ireland have a lot to offer. Including a mix of urban and rural living, an attractive cost of living and a vibrant cultural centre.

Prospective employees have their choice of neighbourhoods in Galway. With living options for a cosmopolitan feel in the city with everything within walking distance, or just outside the city for a rural feel but an easy commute. Hybrid work has contributed to a reduction in congestion in the city. Galway is welcoming to diverse cultures and all ages with a vibrant arts scene and cultural experiences and still offers all the amenities found in a larger city.

When comparing the cost of living to Dublin, there is no contest. On average, rent is around25% lower in Galway compared to Dublin. In addition, the cost of living in Galway is 20% cheaperthan in Dublin.

While overall, Galway is less expensive in comparison, employers are mindful of the general concern of the high living costs across Europe. Many employers work to provide additional practical support to their employees where possible, including financial wellness seminars, hybrid working to eliminate travel costs or promoting the travel tax incentive.

Explore Jobs in Galway

At Cpl, we work with employers in various sectors of the West of Ireland and Galway, focusing on technology, engineering/manufacturing, and the broader commerce sector. Galway has recently seen significant growth in the Technology sector due to new FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) announcements by the IDA in recent months.

We have an entire team working solely to help match you with the perfect opportunity for your skill set. Whether temporary, permanent or contract position, our clients range from SMEs to multinational companies with a variety of opportunities.

Search our job opportunities available today to find a position for you in Galway and the West of Ireland.