Working in office suport
Working in Office Support

Working in Office Support

Working in office support

Office support jobs can provide an enriching career path in the administrative and clerical fields. These positions offer opportunities to develop in-demand skills such as organisation, communication, and problem-solving. Roles within this sector constantly evolving, meaning there's always room for growth and career development. Office support offers a rewarding career path with growth potential

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Lisa Broderick - Director

Lisa has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients across Ireland, the Middle East and Australia. She returned to Ireland as a Director of our Cork business (Tech, Engineering, FS, Accounting, Office Support, Commercial) in 2017. Her role now includes leadership of our HR, Office Support and Marketing recruitment teams based in Dublin. With 18 years of recruitment experience and a previous business background, Lisa has a strong focus on culture, delivery and a customer-centric attitude. Lisa helps Cpl and our customers to attract and retain the best people.

Lisa Broderick - Director

What are the best pathways to a career in office support?

Having the right experience is key to becoming successful in the office support industry. Candidates come from a variety of backgrounds, including retail and hospitality. These customer-facing roles provide suitable skills to transition into a professional environment.

To get an even better understanding of this field internships or work placements are great starting points. There are also office support roles that don’t require previous experience, these include data entry specialists, administration assistants and receptionists.

What are the top soft skills needed for a career in office support?

​Having the right skill set is essential for a successful career in office support. This entails having an upbeat attitude, excellent communication abilities, problem-solving aptitude, and superior organisational capabilities. It also requires being detail-oriented and able to stay focused on tasks despite distractions or competing demands.

What benefits can office support candidates expect to be offered?

​Benefit packages aren’t typically offered to entry-level office support candidates.

​More senior roles, such as office managers, legal secretaries, and personal and executive assistants, offer competitive benefits packages.

These can include medical insurance and employer pension plans. Annual leave days range from twenty-two to thirty days, with opportunities for annual bonuses depending on responsibilities and role. Medical insurance value varies between €1,000 to €3,000 per annum. While employer pension plans usually follow a two per cent to five per cent salary match.

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What flexible working arrangements can an office support candidate expect?

Hybrid working is still prevalent in the office support sector. But we're seeing a major change with clients requiring their staff to be onsite daily, with many desk-based office support positions transitioning from two days remote to full-time in the office.