Funds | Cpl Salary Guide for Ireland
Funds | Cpl Salary Guide for Ireland



Talent Evolution Group 2024 Fund Insights

The investment funds and asset management sector has over 17,000 employees in Ireland and a total employment impact exceeding 34,000. In 2022 the dynamic nature of the industry led to increased demand for skilled professionals, the knock-on effect was talent scarcity throughout 2023. Despite the talent gap, the market remained positive for 2024 due to the impressive performance of existing firms and the entry of exciting new players.

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Talent Evolution Group 2024 Fund Insights

Fund and Asset Industry Market Trends

Regionalisation, a prominent theme in recent years, is anticipated to persist through 2024. Nearly half of Irish counties now host at least one office location for a funds industry firms, with some firms hosting locations in two or more cities. This reflects the recent growth of almost 40% in office locations outside of Dublin. This expansion signifies the industry's commitment to fostering economic development across various regions in the country.

EU-based investors hold €1 trillion in investments in Irish-domiciled funds, granting them access to diverse investment opportunities in Europe and globally. Simultaneously, Irish-domiciled funds have attracted a similar €1 trillion in global capital, which is deploying into assets throughout the EU. 

This underscores Ireland's crucial role in facilitating international investment flows and promoting financial connectivity within the European Union.

Talent Challenges in The Fund Market

​The talent supply in the funds sector is showing signs of improvement. While attracting junior to mid-level experienced candidates posed challenges, the situation is evolving positively. Inexperienced professionals hired during the pandemic have now accumulated 1-3 years of valuable experience in the market and are eager to further their professional growth, alleviating the previous strains.

Fund and asset firms are encountering difficulty in filling specific roles, notably in areas such as: 

  • Fund Accounting for private debt and private equity 

  • Regulatory functions including Compliance, AML, Risk, and Audit 

  • Financial and Regulatory 

  • Reporting Manco 

Oversight: The influx of qualified professionals and new graduates is expected to contribute significantly to addressing the talent needs in these specialised roles.

Top Benefits in the Fund and Asset Industry

The shift from remote to hybrid working will persist into 2024. Regardless, fund and asset management firms consistently provide attractive benefits to candidates. Some of these include:

  • Pension

  • Bonus

  • Healthcare

  • Life Assurance

  • Hybrid working

  • Car allowance for top-level management

These substantial benefits contribute to the overall appeal of opportunities within the fund and asset management industry.

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