Hospitality | Cpl Salary Guide for Ireland
Hospitality | Cpl Salary Guide for Ireland



Transformative Trends in Hospitality

Ireland's hospitality and catering industry is renowned for its warm welcome and high-quality food. The hospitality industry is a dynamic and integral part of the nation's economy. The sector plays a pivotal role in shaping Ireland's tourism landscape. This thriving sector not only provides a multitude of job opportunities but also contributes significantly to Ireland's global reputation for quality produce and exceptional hospitality.

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Transformative Trends in Hospitality

Trends in Hospitality for 2024

In 2024, Ireland's hospitality and catering industry is poised to embrace transformative trends that respond to changing consumer expectations and global dynamics. Experiential dining will take centre stage, with establishments focusing on creating immersive culinary experiences that go beyond traditional dining. Sustainable practices will continue to gain prominence, driving demand for locally sourced, organic ingredients and eco-friendly operational strategies.

The integration of technology will be paramount, with the widespread adoption of mobile technology to allow for, digital menus, contactless payment options, and innovative reservation systems to enhance efficiency and guest safety. Personalisation in services, including tailored menus and unique dining environments, will cater to the growing desire for individualised experiences.

Collaborations between hospitality businesses and local producers will strengthen, supporting community engagement and emphasising the importance of regional economies. Wellness-oriented offerings, such as health-conscious menus and mindful dining experiences, will align with the increasing focus on holistic well-being.

Diversity in cuisine will flourish, showcasing the richness of international flavours and culinary traditions. Overall, 2024 promises to be a year of innovation, sustainability, and enhanced guest experiences, as the hospitality and catering industry in Ireland continues to evolve in response to emerging trends and consumer preferences.

The Most In-Demand Qualifications in Hospitality

In Ireland's dynamic hospitality and catering industry, certain qualifications are highly sought after, reflecting the evolving needs of the sector. Culinary arts degrees or diplomas are at the forefront, providing aspiring chefs with essential skills in menu planning, food preparation, and kitchen management.

Hospitality management qualifications are also in high demand, equipping professionals with the expertise to oversee operations, manage staff, and optimise guest experiences.

Certifications in food safety and hygiene are paramount, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards.

Barista certifications and mixology courses are increasingly popular, catering to the rising demand for specialised coffee and cocktail experiences.

With the industry placing a growing emphasis on sustainability, qualifications in sustainable hospitality and green practices are gaining traction. Additionally, courses in event management are sought after for professionals involved in organising functions, weddings, and corporate events.

A diverse set of qualifications including culinary expertise, management skills, and sustainability practices, are crucial for candidates seeking success in Ireland's competitive hospitality and catering industry.

The Top Benefits for Hospitality Professionals

Within Ireland's hospitality and catering sector, employers strive to attract and retain top talent. Competitive salary packages remain a cornerstone, ensuring that employees are fairly compensated for their contributions. Flexible working schedules provide staff with a better work-life balance, catering to diverse lifestyle needs. Staff meals and employee discounts on food and services contribute to a positive workplace culture and enhance job satisfaction.

Moreover, businesses often provide uniform allowances, recognising the importance of a polished and professional appearance in the hospitality industry. Employee recognition programmes, including performance bonuses and awards, create a sense of accomplishment and motivation among the workforce.

The top benefits in Ireland's hospitality and catering sector are targeted at management level and include:

  • Financial rewards

  • Flexible work arrangements

  • Health and wellness support

  • Professional development

​How will Ireland's New Minimum Wage Affect Hospitality?

As of January 1st, 2024, Ireland’s minimum wage increased by 12% to €12.70 per hour. This change impacts both employees and employers. While those on the minimum wage workers will be happy to see their take-home pay increase, employers may not see clear benefits. However, there are positive and negative impacts for each party.

The increase in minimum wage is a positive step towards providing more financial security to employees, reducing financial pressures, and helping cover living costs. However, employers may feel financial pressure to increase prices for products and services, which could offset some of the benefits of the wage increase for lower-earning consumers. Additionally, some employers may need to consider reducing their workforce to remain profitable.

Nonetheless, the increased disposable income of employees can help stimulate the local economy by encouraging spending on goods and services.

We expect that forward-thinking organisations will see the increase as a timely prompt to consider if investing more in technology to reduce spending on wages, will impact their return on investment. The implementation of new technology may lead to a reduction in low-wage jobs but an increase in technology support, development, and maintenance jobs.

Striking a balance between fair compensation and sustainable business practices will be crucial for both employers and employees in navigating the changes brought about by the wage hike.

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