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Marketing Continue to Evolve

The Marketing sector is growing as businesses are becoming more digitally focused and more reliant on data and digital ad spend in Ireland will increase from $1.2 - $1.3 Billion over 2024/25.

Growth is spread across diverse industries including, construction, non-profits, and professional services.

Graduate interest in marketing is also growing, with students focused on specialised skills like customer experience and digital marketing.

Marketing Continue to Evolve

Market Trends Shaping Marketing over the Next Year

The AI revolution is here and businesses that do not adapt may be left behind. The productivity of marketing alone could increase between 5% and 15% of total marketing spend. AI integration into well-known, existing marketing tools can help marketers adapt to how the industry to changing.

Short-form video marketing has continued to trend this year. Consumption has grown 15% over the past three years, this video style is popular on social media such as TikTok and Instagram reels. Marketers with this skill set may find more job opportunities as businesses lean into in-house production.

The Cpl Marketing recruitment team is seeing increased demand for communications professionals, particularly in the public sector and not-for-profit industries.

Events professionals will have noticed an increase in event management roles being advertised by larger companies this year, as hybrid events have become the norm.

The Cpl Marketing recruitment team are also seeing a large demand in junior marketing roles, predominantly with 2-4 years’ experience, as a large cohort of recent graduates have opted for overseas opportunities over the past few years.

Most In-Demand Marketing Roles

The Cpl Marketing recruitment team experienced increased demand for marketing professionals this year within non-profits, professional services, and the construction and property industry.

The most in-demand roles are:

Social Media / Content Executive

Social media and content creation skills, with an emphasis on TikTok as a marketing channel, have been in high demand throughout the year. As TikTok continues to grow as an advertising platform, businesses need to acquire these skill sets to remain competitive.

Bid Manager / Bid Executive

Bid Management continues to be a very in-demand skill set within the B2B sector. Often sitting between marketing and commercial departments, bid managers are responsible for evaluating all potential new work within a company and creating tenders and presentations to help secure this work. This role requires a high level of administrative skills, commercial acumen, presentations, and project management.

Public Affairs / Corporate Communications

Public affairs and corporate communication talent is in high demand. Junior and senior-level talent, with strong media relationships within the Irish market and excellent press release writing ability, are needed for both agency and in-house employers.

Skills and Qualifications

Third Level Education:

Most marketing roles require a minimum third-level qualification in a relevant degree. For roles in communications, a third-level qualification in journalism, public relations, or marketing is highly desirable.

For digital marketing roles with technical aspects, a digital or marketing degree is expected. Related third-level qualifications would include business degrees, however, if the degree is not marketing focused it would be expected that the candidate has additional marketing experience or certifications. A master's degree in marketing is looked upon more favourably due to the market being competitive but is usually not a deal breaker.

Creative Roles: With marketing roles that have a creative aspect, it is often expected that the candidate has Canva and/ or Adobe Suite proficiency. CMS experience is generally expected in most marketing roles.

Campaign Management: Digital marketing roles often require Google AdWords and Google Analytics, this is also where Google Certifications can be useful.

Communications: Important skills for all marketing professionals are excellent relationship and stakeholder management skills.

Social Media: When it comes to roles involving social media, there has been an increase in clients looking for TikTok experience. Candidates will also need experience with other social media platforms. The industry standards are, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, X, and LinkedIn.

Top Benefits of Working in Marketing

Marketing positions in state/semi-state bodies and financial services, pharmaceutical, and technology industries typically receive healthcare coverage and an annual bonus. A company-matched pension plan can also be expected in these industries.

More companies are providing educational or learning and development opportunities. These include online courses and certifications or further education sponsorship. These benefits highlight the employer’s commitment to providing a balanced and rewarding career experience.

There have been no significant changes to marketing salaries this year, apart from entry-level roles now have a starting salary of between 32-35K, which is a slight increase from last year.

Most permanent marketing employees can expect a hybrid working arrangement, with 2-3 days per week based on site. However, clients are beginning to expect new starters to be in the office 5 days a week until they pass probation. Some contract roles, within the technology space, do offer a remote work option but the candidate needs to be based in Ireland.

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