Medical Devices | Cpl Salary Guide for Ireland
Medical Devices | Cpl Salary Guide for Ireland

Medical Devices & Technology


Life Science Companies Partnering with Educational Institutions

Critical areas of focus for many life sciences companies continue to be advanced manufacturing technologies and data science. With a high demand for these skill sets, companies are exploring new channels for talent acquisition. There is an increased partnership with Ireland's educational institutions to explore CIPD qualifications and collaborate with niche Learning and Development (L&D) programme providers, aiming to bridge gaps in the current workforce.

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Life Science Companies Partnering with Educational Institutions

Ireland's MedTech Industry is Spreading Nationwide

With 400 medical device companies exporting €12.6 billion worth of goods to 100 countries, it is no surprise that Ireland is Europe's leading employer of medical device professionals per capita. Globally recognised as a MedTech hub, Ireland hosts homegrown enterprises, SMEs, and multinational corporations, with 50% of these 400 companies being local SMEs.

Despite the ongoing challenge of talent sourcing, due to high demand, growth is expected to continue throughout 2024.

Traditionally, the MedTech sector has centred around Galway, which witnessed investments and expansions in 2023. However, recent growth has extended across the country, with new infrastructure developments in Kilkenny, Donegal, Limerick, Dublin, Tipperary, and Wexford.

Trends such as personalisation, digitalisation, and miniaturisation are influencing investment and hiring in the sector. As Ireland's MedTech landscape navigates and adapts to these shifts in demand, it remains vibrant and poised for success.

In-Demand Qualifications for MedTech Roles

The MedTech sector is undergoing a rapid and dynamic evolution, fueled by the constant discovery of new technologies and applications. This evolution is marked by an increased convergence with data analytics, creating exciting and innovative opportunities for technology professionals within the MedTech space.

There is also a surge in demand for more traditional MedTech skills, particularly in engineering and science. Business and commercial skills are also experiencing an uptick in demand within MedTech sales and marketing roles.

Having a degree in medical technology continues to be highly desirable, serving as a foundational qualification. However, in response to the evolving nature of the field, employers expect to see candidates take on further upskilling. This can include pursuing additional qualifications part-time while working or opting for a return to education. A commitment to ongoing learning is considered crucial for people aiming to advance and thrive in the dynamic MedTech landscape.

The Top Benefits for MedTech Professionals

While salary consistently ranks as a top consideration, the demand for hybrid and flexible working models is on the rise. In 2023, approximately 45% of jobs were categorised as hybrid. However, the number of candidates expecting remote work, flexibility, and hybrid working, exceeds the number of MedTech positions offering these types of working models.

For companies aiming to attract people with highly specialised skill sets, increasing flexibility broadens their access to candidate pools. In roles where physical presence is a necessity, a positive company culture, supportive work-life balance policies, and a competitive compensation package are pivotal priorities.

Acknowledging the evolving dynamics of the workforce, companies are recognising the need to not only meet but exceed flexible working expectations to remain competitive and appeal to a diverse talent pool.

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