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​Nearly 60% of People Would Turn Down a Role that Doesn't Meet Their Hybrid Needs

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The Evolution of Traditional Office Support Roles

With 42% of roles on offer being hybrid, Ireland has one of the highest WFH rates in Europe. However, the return-to-office trend significantly impacted the office support industry, with many remote roles switching to on-site.

Temporary work is growing in use as it addresses specific projects or tasks. In many cases, temporary roles evolve to meet changing needs or turn into permanent positions.

The Evolution of Traditional Office Support Roles

The Evolution of Office Support Roles

Initially open to remote or hybrid models during the pandemic, clients have shifted many remote office support positions to on-site and this trend will continue in 2024.  Currently, only 12% of Irish companies said the majority of employees were working completely remotely, but a significant number do have hybrid working models.

Companies are now expanding responsibilities traditionally associated with front-of-house receptionists. Job descriptions now include additional responsibilities focused on office operations, such as facility management, general administration, and team support to the wider business. However, some standalone classic receptionist roles are unaffected. 

Temporary recruiting in the office support division has proven valuable and is growing in popularity. A primary advantage of temporary contracts is providing both the candidate and the organisation a trial period before committing to permanency. Temporary work is beneficial for specific projects or tasks with tight deadlines, with contract durations ranging from one month to a year. This flexibility meets the evolving needs of candidates and organisations.

Most In-Demand Office Support Qualifications

Office Support hiring managers prioritise key soft skills, valuing a positive attitude, effective communication, problem-solving, and organisational abilities. These qualities are crucial for the wide range of tasks expected from office support personnel. 

A specific qualification may not be essential for an office support role, as experience is often considered more beneficial. However, some organisations may require a third-level qualification to underscore a candidate's commitment, ability to meet deadlines, and basic IT skills. 

Key hard skills include proficiency in Microsoft Office, including Word, Outlook, and Excel. Additionally, familiarity with general systems and customer relationship management systems (CRMS) is important. These skills contribute to an effective office support team member.

Top Benefits in the Office Support Industry​

Benefits packages in Office Support roles often include annual leave, K&D, and annual bonuses.

Bonuses vary depending on responsibility within the business and the industry. For example, in 2023 generous bonuses were observed in pharmaceutical and construction companies.

The benefits package for senior roles like Office Managers, Legal Secretaries, and Personal or Executive Assistants, may also include healthcare valued from €1000 - €3000, and pension contributions ranging from 2% to 10% employer match. 

Annual leave days range between 20 - 30 days. Additionally, birthday leave and charity leave days are becoming more common.

Wellness opportunities, including funding for further education, gym allowances, and well-being allowances are gaining popularity.

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