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What Do I Need to Start a New Job in Ireland?

Smiling woman starting new job remotely.

​There are many reasons for people to come to Ireland when it comes to employment. The low tax rate for companies has helped Ireland become the European headquarters for some of the world’s top companies such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook. With Ireland's continuing International company growth, there is no denying that Ireland offers many benefits to those looking to relocate.

Despite many companies shifting to remote working, we've noticed consistent requests from our clients searching for multilingual professionals throughout the pandemic. In fact, Ireland has welcomed many international brands in the last 12 months with the IDA recording 246 new investments in 2020.

I have been a recruiter in Cpl for the last 3 years, hiring mostly for language-based roles. Over this time, I have seen a trend of multilingual candidates applying to many different roles in Ireland without further knowledge as to what the job entails. Some candidates also get so focused on moving to a country that offers higher salaries that they don’t look into other key areas such as the cost of living and housing in Ireland.

Here are some key points to consider when planning to relocate to Ireland.

  1. Living Cost and Accommodation

Before relocating, it’s important to research the country’s living costs, to avoid any financial issues. Ireland, with Dublin, in particular, being one of the most expensive cities in the world, the average monthly rent in Dublin is about €1,745 per month.

As reported by RTE, Dublin ranked 39th most expensive city in the world while facing a current housing crisis. We found through our salary guide that 42% of respondents expected a salary increase in 2021. This highlights the importance of researching Irish job sectors to put you on the right career path. Here is a selection of this year’s best-paying jobs across 7 key industries in Ireland.

  1. Visa

Before coming to Ireland, you need to know whether you are entitled to work or live there. EEA, Switzerland, and UK residents are entitled to live in Ireland without any restrictions or conditions. For other countries, you may need a visa to come here or an employment permit in order to work. You can find out more about different types of employment permits here.

  1. PPS Number

To start a new job in Ireland, everyone needs to have a PPS number. A Personal Public Service (PPS) Number is a unique reference number that helps you access your social welfare benefits, public services, and information in Ireland. Everybody in employment in Ireland must have one for tax purposes. You cannot apply for a PPS Number before arriving in Ireland.

It is advised to have your PPS number (PPSN) prior to starting a new job or getting your first payment to avoid being emergency taxed. To apply for a PPSN you will need different identification documentation according to your native country. All applications require an identification document, proof of address, and evidence of why you need a PPS number.

Do not hesitate to contact your future employer to provide you with supporting documents such as an employment letter. Find out more information about registering for a PPS number here. Once you’ve started your new job, even if it is a part-time or temporary job, you must register with Revenue for tax credits, you can do this online.

  1. Check Travel Advisory

With the pandemic still prevalent, Ireland currently has strict guidelines on international travel. Procedures are still in place for people flying into the country, therefore it is important to check the Irish government's advice on travel, depending on the country you are flying from. Find out more information here.

To all the expats reading this, my number one piece of advice for you is to do your research before coming to Ireland.

As the country opens back up, the Cpl Multi-Talent Hub team is happy to support you with your job needs in Ireland. We recruit multilingual candidates for entry-level to senior positions across multiple sectors including Finance, IT, and Tech.

Kristel Ticzon is a Consultant from Multi-Talent Hub - ESG division who hires for entry-level positions with German, French, Arabic, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, and senior roles from different industries. You can contact her at [email protected].