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The Highest Paying Jobs in Ireland 2021

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While the Covid-19 pandemic has created challenges for industries across Ireland, many others continued to prosper and grow. As a result, professionals working in these sectors remain in high demand and will continue to attract high-paying salaries in 2021.

Favourable salaries are critical to attract and retain talent with 42% of workers selecting salary and benefits as the most important consideration when making a career move. *Cpl Employment Outlook Survey 2020. However, continuous learning opportunities and career progression are rising in importance as workers are looking to secure their career prospects for the future.

According to our latest Salary Guide for 2021, there are many roles commanding salaries above €100K across Accountancy, Financial Services, Life Sciences, Legal, Marketing & Technology.

Specialising in key disciplines within these industries can put you on the right career path to having one of the best-paying jobs in Ireland. Here is a selection of this year’s best-paying jobs across 7 key industries in Ireland:

1. Accountancy & Finance | Tax Partner / Head of Tax | €150K – €275K

Tax remained an extremely busy area in 2020, and entering 2021, with senior tax professionals remaining amongst the highest paid in the market. While monetary rewards are a key motivator for passive candidates, cultural alignment, and the opportunity to be part of an organisation’s growth are increasingly important for active job seekers.

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2. Finance Services | Funds & Asset Management – Managing Director, Funds | €190K – €260K

The funds and asset management sector sustained healthy growth throughout 2020 and into 2021. Recent developments from the Central Bank of Ireland coupled with the implications of Brexit have induced a steady flow of recruitment activity in Ireland. Companies need to look at increasing employee levels along with ways of sustaining access to the EU following the UK’s exit.

56 financial firms either entered the Irish market or expanded existing operations in 2020 making it a fruitful area to focus your career development in 2021.

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3. Legal | Salaried Partner (Legal Practice) or Head of Legal (In-House) | €120K – €200+K

Despite temporary salary reductions at the onset of the pandemic, salaried partners or head of legal roles continue to attract some of Ireland’s highest paying salaries. Those working in data protection or FinTech are in particularly high demand following the seismic shift to online services.

The high demand and shortage of available talent allow suitable professionals in these areas to command premium market rates.  

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4. Marketing | Head of Marketing / CMO | €95K to €160K

The importance of marketing to the success of an organisation has never been more apparent as businesses looked for new ways to reach their customers in 2020. Digital marketing and e-commerce senior talent have been in high demand as more businesses looked to move their operations online.

The move online has benefitted marketing talent also, as they no longer must be based in Dublin to pursue a successful marketing career.  

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5. Life Sciences | VP & Exec Director in Quality & Regulatory | €155K - €280K

Life sciences remained one of the most ‘business as usual’ sectors throughout the pandemic with increased FDI investments from companies like Pfizer and Gilead.

Senior professionals in quality, regulatory, and chemistry remain highly sought after but in limited supply. As a result, individuals in these areas can command premium rates including full healthcare plans for them and their family, favourable pension contributions, and flexible working arrangements.

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6. Technology | CIO or CTO (leadership focused or start-up) | €120K – €280K

CIO or CTO positions across financial services, pharmaceuticals, energy, and the public sector experienced a resurgence in demand from Q3 2020. Similarly, many start-ups who successfully secured funding pre-pandemic have appointed senior IT leaders to help them navigate a challenging but exciting environment.

Candidates at this high level can command premium rates. CIOs with exposure to cloud migration, post-acquisition integration experience, vendor management, cybersecurity, data management, and automation are highly sought after.

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7. Technology, Infrastructure | Head of DevOps/Site Reliability Engineering | €120K – €140K

Infrastructure was one of the most resilient areas of tech in 2020, driven by the growing demand for cybersecurity, risk, and cloud skills. The new work environment has highlighted the rising vulnerabilities of companies to cyber-attacks, data breaches, and other threats to their IT systems. The need for skilled and experienced leaders in this area is essential as companies need to prepare long term for a hybrid work from home model.

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For more information on Ireland's job market, including salary trends and the most in-demand jobs across all industries, download our Salary Guide 2021.