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​Nearly 50% of People are Considering Changing Jobs in 2024

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The Demand for More Diverse Language Speakers

The increasing demand for multi-lingual professionals from Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and South-East Asia underscores Ireland's emergence as a prominent multi-lingual hub, not only within the EMEA region but also on a global scale. In the past year, the Cpl Global Talent team successfully sourced candidates across 61 different languages and markets.

The Demand for More Diverse Language Speakers

Multi-Lingual Trends

With more than 68% of SMEs struggling to find talent with the right skill sets, there has been an increased demand for international talent. These roles provide candidates with opportunities to reinvent themselves and reshape their careers in another country.

Some of these job opportunities have only emerged recently. For example, there is currently an increased demand for more diverse languages. However, with 900,000 job listings in the EU specifying German as a required skill, the need for more traditional language skills remains strong.

This demand is also going beyond the traditional technology and service clients and expanding into other sectors, as their need to communicate with customers and clients grows.

The Cpl Global Talent team takes pride in supporting these professionals by recognising their transferable skills and guiding them into industries they might not have considered in their home countries.

Most In-Demand Multi-Lingual Qualifications

Most employers are actively searching for multi-lingual professionals equipped with specific language proficiency, relevant market expertise, or related work experience, rather than a particular third-level qualification.

However, language proficiency expectations are high for both English and the required second language. There is always a high demand for individuals fluent in German, French, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Turkish, Portuguese and Spanish.

Certain organisations may prefer candidates with a higher educational background, typically holding a bachelor's degree in specialised fields such as:

  • Computer Science

  • Marketing

  • Chemistry

  • Linguistics

  • Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Finance

However, it is important to note that degree requirements are usually reserved for niche positions.

Top Benefits for Multi-Lingual Roles

Many prominent IT and online service providers are committed to providing attractive packages to attract and retain top talent.

They consistently gather feedback from their staff and adapt to market trends in order to stay competitive.

Some of the key benefits they offer:

  • Generous remuneration and stock units

  • Unlimited holidays based on performance or 25 days annual leave

  • Relocation support

  • Professional development education allowance 

  • Pension

  • Health Insurance for staff and family members

  • Life Assurance 

  • Paid sick leave and long-term illness cover

  • Complimentary on-site meals

  • On-site gym and fitness workshops

  • Well-being program and onsite consultation

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