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Engineering jobs in demand in Ireland 2019

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The growth in the engineering sector looks set to continue, with new job announcements almost every week. In a recent survey undertaken by engineers Ireland, it was predicted that there would be at least 6,000 new engineering jobs created this year.

Caroline Spillane the director of Engineering Ireland said that “94% of its members feel the shortage of engineers with the right skills will be the biggest barrier of growth to their business”. 

With the strain on talent only increasing, we have seen an upward trend in salaries to either keep or attract staff. Overall the outlook for engineering jobs in Ireland is bright.

What engineering roles are in demand for 2019?

For 2019 our engineering recruitment team have seen a large increase in demand for skilled engineers. In particular, we’ve seen an increased demand for the following engineering jobs:

There has been a trend where there has been a shortage of experienced candidates on the market across all sectors. With the demand greater than supply we have seen a candidate’s market develop.

Engineering wages 2019

As a result of the skills gap, we have seen engineering wages rise for our potential candidates.

Looking at the role of an automation engineer as an example with data gathered from Cpl’s salary guide in 2017 & 2019. In 2017 we can see junior engineers were averaging €45,000 per annum whereas more senior engineers were commanding about €75,000 per annum.

In 2019 this has increased by as much as 20% with senior automation engineers average wage now up to €90,000 per annum and junior up to €50,000 in the Dublin region.

That same role outside of Dublin in the same period is estimated to have remained the same. It’s quite common that the Dublin market has seen much larger growth in wages compared to regional areas.

What benefits are on offer for engineering in Ireland?

To counteract the salary demands and to become more attractive companies are trying to make the overall package better many companies are now offering their employees increased benefits.

For example, it is now quite common for companies to offer flexitime on top of essential benefits such as healthcare packages and pension.

Career changes within Engineering

It’s worth nothing if you are looking at career change a change in the sector it can prove to be difficult.

The pharmaceutical/medical device sector favours people with prior experience from either practice and doesn’t tend to place as much trust in someone who is coming from a different field.

If you are looking to change engineering sector be prepared to take an initial hit on your salary. If you are fully committed to a pharmaceutical or medical device engineering career I’d advise considering going back to education.

Looking for a new engineering job in Ireland?

My advice to any potential candidates out there would be to know your worth, test the market place and see what’s on offer for the skills you possess. If you’re not getting paid the market rate, why not? Find a company who knows your true value.

If you’re interested in engineering job opportunities get in touch, I’d be more than happy to advise.