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Most in demand jobs in Ireland 2019

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What careers are in high demand in Ireland? In the current candidate short market there is an increased demand for skilled talent across a number of industries including Financial Services, Technology and Engineering.

It’s no secret that Ireland is fast approaching full employment. This has resulted in improved salaries and benefits as companies strive to attract the best people for the job. Yet again, the most persistent skills gaps continue to be STEM-related careers – Science, Engineering and Maths, including IT and Technology.

In particular, people who have the expertise and skills for the following jobs are highly in demand in Ireland right now.

Technology: Java Software Engineers / Developers

Software developers and engineer continue to be in high demand as more companies choose Dublin as their EMEA HQ and open up software development centres here.

Java software engineers with React experience and who are data centre are particularly in demand. Also, those who have had exposure to monolith legacy apps/platforms are of high value to companies and will command attention in 2019.

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Engineering: Automation Engineer

An automation engineer uses technology to improve and streamline a variety of manufacturing processes. As the pharmaceutical and medical device spaces grow rapidly in Ireland, so does the demand for automation engineering.

Ireland has become the second largest exporter of medical devices in Europe and they account for 10% of all Irish exports. Companies including Boston Scientific and Johnson & Johnson are big in this space and creating demand for engineering professionals countrywide.

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Financial Services – Risk & compliance professionals within Asset Management

A number of the world’s leading investment banks and asset management companies are opening new functions in Dublin, particularly within the Risk and Compliance space.

Barclays and Bank of America Merrill Lynch are just two prominent examples of this, illustrating the rising demand.  Senior managers in this space can now earn a lucrative €100k, an 18% increase compared to the previous 12 months.

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Insurance – compliance professionals

On a whole, Ireland’s appeal as a centre for insurance excellence has grown, attributed in part to the EU’s Insurance Framework Directives which allows insurance companies in Ireland to carry out business in all EU member states.

Candidates specialising in compliance are one area in greatest demand and will be able to seek premium salaries in 2019.

This area of Insurance has been known to have a shortage of experienced and knowledgeable candidates, often pushing companies to look overseas for suitable talent. Insurance professionals with experience in this area can expect to be highly desirable in 2019.

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Languages – Multilingual professionals

As Ireland’s interests in the international market become increasingly apparent, the demand for multilingual talent to support global companies such as Google, Salesforce and Twitter, is growing.

Languages proving most desirable include German, Dutch and French, with companies often having to search overseas to find suitably qualified candidates. Candidates in Ireland who are proficient in any of these languages can expect good job opportunities in 2019.

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Marketing – Content Marketing Professionals

In a world of information overload, content creators that can command attention will prosper. Companies are now hiring dedicated content teams to develop their brand and attract business. Content managers can demand up to €55k in the Dublin area where most of these jobs are currently concentrated.

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Sales – Business Developers & Account Managers

Strong demand has appeared for business developers and account managers at all levels within the sales industry. Candidates with language skills on top of this are further in demand, particularly languages from Europe and emerging markets.

Again, a lack of eligible talent with language skills means companies often have to source abroad for suitable candidates. Homegrown candidates who can demonstrate these skillsets will again prove popular with employers in 2019.

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If you’re looking to explore a new area of work or simply want to expand your skillset, these areas should be top of your list for 2019.

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