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The Highest Paying Jobs in Ireland 2020

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Ireland is currently Europe’s fastest growing economy. GDP is increasing and the job market is nearing full employment.

This buoyancy and growth have created lucrative opportunities industry wide and nationwide for Ireland’s jobseekers in 2020. Those with sought after skills now often have more than one offer at a time, which has forced employers to work hard to attract and retain talent.

While salaries are still the biggest pull for employees, companies have also enhanced their perks like competitive bonuses, pensions and healthcare to entice employees to work and stay working for them.

So, what are the highest paying jobs in Ireland for 2020? Using data from our 2020 Salary Guide, we have gathered the market’s most lucrative jobs for this year.

Technology – Software Development Engineers (particularly those working on cloud based microservices) up to 110K + benefits

For 2020 Software engineers have increasing autonomy and are owning their code, from design and development to deployment.

Engineers are now being paid more for their depth of skills rather than their years’ experience, which opens salary rises to more than just the established professionals. Permanent hires are also preferred over contract to keep this knowledge base in-house, however these engineers can earn up to €550 per day while contracting.

This top talent can also count on being offered attractive benefits including share option schemes and healthcare, with flexible working being common for most offers.

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Engineering – Automation Engineer – up to 100K + benefits

Ireland’s engineering industry is thriving, with new large-scale projects being announced and in progress nationwide.

This has created welcome opportunities and healthy salaries for Ireland’s top engineers, particularly automation engineers. Completion bonuses are also becoming more popular in a move to hold onto engineers until a project is complete.

Contracting in this area is also increasingly popular, with engineers being offered a minimum of 12-month contracts to ensure retention of talent and knowledge in an organisation. Automation engineers working on contract can command up to €85 per hour in 2020.

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Financial Services – Funds Accounting Professionals – up to €250K

The funds sector is one of the most dominant spaces in Ireland’s financial services market. Currently there is €4.2 trillion worth of assets under administration thanks to domestic and international investment.

As a result, there’s huge potential for growth and progression in this area, with a Director of Fund Accounting being able to command a salary between €120k and €150k.

There are also several opportunities nationwide with international financial firms locating outside of the IFSC.

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Science – Quality Control & Quality Assurance Professionals – up to €275K

The Irish pharmaceutical landscape continues to thrive with approximately €10 billion being invested in the Irish bio-pharmaceutical sector over the last decade. This has created huge demand and huge competition for talent, with companies competing aggressively for candidates.

Quality control and quality assurance are some of the most in demand areas, with excellent potential for growth. A Director of Quality Control can earn up to €125k while a VP can earn up to €275k.

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Sales – Sales Managers – up to €90K + competitive bonuses

We predict Sales salaries will continue to rise in 2020, as candidates understand their market value.

As more companies, especially high-tech companies, relocate their EMEA HQs to Dublin, the pool of available talent has become shallower, creating a challenge for employers.

This means most sales candidates, especially sales managers, now have multiple offers at any one time. Companies are also offering more competitive bases, bonuses and meaningful perks like pensions and healthcare.

There is excellent opportunity for growth within sales, and even more so if you have language skills as the tech infrastructure of the APAC and SSA markets develops and becomes more prominent.

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Salaries continue to dominate the choices of Ireland’s passive and active jobseekers. So much so that in a recent Cpl survey 40% of respondents stated they would leave a job for a higher salary. In a candidate-driven market, companies must now offer a combination of competitive salaries and tangible benefits to attract talent.

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