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Making a Difference: In-Demand Jobs during COVID-19

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We are living in unprecedented times, experiencing new personal and professional challenges that are impacting our lives every day. COVID-19 has had widespread negative impacts on jobs with thousands temporarily, or permanently, out of work.

However, there are many sectors in urgent need of workers in the industries that are supporting us through this pandemic. The main areas hiring are healthcare and food supply chain, where professionals across all levels and across Ireland are needed.

These roles will truly make a difference during these times. If you have any of the skills or know someone who does, please do get in touch or share this information.

In-demand Jobs During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Healthcare Jobs

Healthcare professionals are essential to fight the COVID-19 crisis in Ireland. If you are a nurse, doctor, pharmacist, healthcare assistant or have another certification, there are opportunities at healthcare facilities nationwide. T

Thousands of healthcare workers are returning to Ireland and coming out of retirement to make a difference, but more are needed.

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Grocery Retail & Food Supply Chain Jobs

Grocery retail workers are at the frontline of the current pandemic. Warehouse, hospital catering and grocery shop workers are needed to keep food and other essential supplies on our shelves.

To meet this unprecedented demand, retailers nationwide are hiring extra staff. If you have found yourself without work due to a temporary business closure, this could be a suitable alternative.

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Jobs with Language Skills

Professionals with language skills including content reviewers, sales representatives and technical support professionals, remain in high demand during the current pandemic.

In some circumstances, companies are even shipping equipment to the homes of new starters so they can start training and onboarding ASAP.

The most in-demand languages are German, Dutch and Nordic. There has also been an increase in the need for APAC and Sub-Saharan languages. If you have language skills in any of these areas please do get in touch.

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Tech & IT Jobs

Tech professionals are crucial to facilitate the increased move towards remote working. For example, infrastructure professionals are needed to ensure remote working and the associated systems are running correctly to maintain business as usual.

Support, security and IT administrators are also experiencing high demand as well as development professionals within financial institutions and development companies.

Tech professionals are one of the most adaptable to remote working, creating welcome opportunities across the sector.

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Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Jobs

Like IT, many marketing roles can be carried out with a laptop from your home. During these uncertain times companies need to communicate with their customers and there’s been a spike in demand for communications & content specialists.

Companies are looking for people who can quickly adapt to a new role and assist them in getting their message across at this time.

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Helping you Find the Role for You

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